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29 Groffman Rd.

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

A few months ago I got asked to shoot a very special series for the family of one of my wedding couples. This gorgeous 200 acre property in northern New Mexico has been in the Anderman family for generations, and the time has come for them to transfer the property to new hands. Obviously this comes with many emotions for the Andermans, as their lives are colored with memories of the 5 quirky buildings and living spaces dabbled throughout their land.

The spaces on this property embrace maximalism and are packed with heirlooms, trinkets, and treasures from the family's travels across the world. I loved the totem pole from Papua New Guinea, wall mosaic crafted out of European olive oil cans, and of course the plentiful memorabilia from the Hispanic and Native cultures of the southwest. So much character and detail in every corner - I really had to slow down and spend time in each space to capture its essence and sense the stories that lived there.

From experiences earlier in my life, I very much relate to how a home or property can be a main character in someone's life - a part of the family - and how much it can hurt to have to say goodbye. It was an honor to spend a few days on this property and create a series of still lifes for this family to remember their special place always.



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