Hey friends! Thank you for checking out my work -- I am happy you found yourself here. Photography has been the most important medium for me to discover and learn more about the world and the beautiful diversity of people in it. I was one of those kids that took a disposable camera with me everywhere, and once the internet became a thing you can bet I started my own little (terrible) photo blog and began to explore what it meant to capture how I see the world and share that vision with others. While attending high school and college in Michigan, I became fascinated with the mechanics of film photography. I spent countless hours geeking out in the darkroom, watching my images slowly appear on a blank page in a chemical tray. The process is a slow, tangible magic, and there in the dark is where I truly discovered my passion for light.
Now I call Santa Fe, New Mexico home, and am fully immersed in honing my digital photography, video, and post-production skills through exploratory learning, workshops, and daily practice. I choose to root myself in the Southwest because the way that the sunlight interacts with the golden mesa and the red rock valleys is unlike anything I've ever seen. A unique quality of light exists here that is nothing short of magic. Of course, traveling and exploring new corners of the world will always fill my soul with joy. For the sake of making art and freezing time with my camera, I will travel to the ends of the earth.
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